Craigleith Trail Conditions



Current Conditions (Last Update: Jan 29, 2015)
Weather: Cold temperatures and snow through to the end of January
Overall Rating: excellent conditions
Surface Conditions: excellent coverage on open trails
New Snow: flurries through the week
Snow Making: Snowmaking will continue throughout property as required, no snowmaking during operating hours unless absolutely necessary
Notes: The Club is open Wednesday January 28 through to Sunday February 1

Lodge Conditions
Lodge Name Status Comments
Base Lodge Open cafeteria and bar open  
South Lodge Open cafeteria open Saturday and Sunday 
North Lodge Open Senior Men's Day on Friday January 30, cafeteria open Saturday and Sunday 

Lifts Conditions
Lift Name Status Comments
V-Hill Quad Chair Open Open 9 to 3:30 
Zipper Carpet Lift Open Open 9 to 3:30 
Little John Triple Open Open 9 to 3:30 
National High Speed Quad Open Open 9 to 3:30 
Funnel Express High Speed Quad Open Open 9 to 3:30 
Comet High Speed Quad Open Open 9 to 3:30 

Trail Conditions
Trail Name Difficulty Status Comments
Venture Open  
Millennium Open  
Vortex Open  
Manitou Open  
The Pen Open  
Landslide Open  
The Edge Open  
The Falls Open  
Buttonhole Open  
Lower Buttonhole - Carpet Open  
Zipper Open  
Little John Open  
Lower Little John Open  
Big John Open  
National Open  
Sous Bois Open  
E.D. Open  
Musils Open  
Partridge Open  
Funnel Open  
Funnel Terrain Park Open  
Chute Open  
Birches Open  
Upper Canyon Open  
Canyon Open  
Saddleback Open  
The Cruiser Open  
Comet Open  
Porcupine Open  
The Bowie Open  
Cross Track - Bowie Open  
Backstairs Open Open for Snowshoeing Only 
Northwest Passage Open  
Cornice Open